Saturday, 27 September 2014

Vacation Investment Your Best Chooise

The right to use time (usage) only vs the right to usage as well as an ownership stake (equity.)
Time - based offerings:

Include 1) rentals, 2) timeshare, 3) points clubs and 4) destination clubs.

Equity- based offerings:
Include 5) sole-ownership, 6)co-ownership (syndication), 7) fractional ownership, 8)private residence clubs and 9) condo (hotel suite ) investments.

1) Rentals:
Offers unlimited options in all parts of the world.

2) Timeshare:
Offers investors the opportunity to buy time in fully furnished leisure resorts, usually in blocks of 1 week. There is a choice to suit different needs, and most resorts offer affiliation to a worldwide exchange program, allowing investors to exchange into a variety of resorts all over the world.

3) Points clubs:
In this offering investors buy points into a club which owns accommodation in a variety of resorts. There is an upfront cost based on how many points are purchased as well as annual levies. Some clubs also charge booking fees. Points clubs are presented as the offering with the most variety and flexibility.

4) Destination clubs:
Your investment consists of an upfront joining fee, as well as annual dues or levies.

5) Sole ownership:
Shared ownership with friends, family or invited investors. The advantages are in the shared initial cost and ongoing costs.

6) Fractional ownership:
Fractional ownership offers equity in property at a fraction of the cost, with all responsibility for maintenance and admin.taken care of by the fractional company. Many fractional schemes offer membership to an exchange company, entitling investors to exchange their usage into other Worldwide Resort Resales.

Investors pay an upfront purchase price, and share the ongoing costs in the form of an annual levy. The current trend has favoured Fractional ownership and Private Residence Clubs, as investors seem to prefer the reduced costs, with the benefits of capital growth.

The author believes Fractional or Private Residence Club's offer a great alternative investment as part of your portfolio diversification.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

DIY Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Pallet to Coffee Table

1 Reclaimed Wood Shipping pallet furniture
200 grit Sandpaper
Measuring Tape
Paint or Stain
Hand Clamp
Finding a shipping pallet is not very difficult. Building your solid oak coffee table:
If you want to stain your pallet be mindful of unwanted logos or scratches.

Lay the pallet topside up.

Using the removed slats, fill each gap between the attached slats. Using the 2" nails and hammer, nail the slats to the outer frame of the pallet.

Cut the cross beams in half.

Lay the pallet topside down.

Repeat Step 9 for each corner of the pallet.

Nail each of these slats to the back side of you coffee table legs for added support.
Sand the surfaces of the coffee table using the 200 grit sand paper. Let the coffee table dry over night.

Why Does The Venus Factor System Work For Women?

It seems every woman is talking about The Venus factor System these days. There are several key ratios in woman's body.

Researches reveal that weight loss for both men and women is controlled by 1 master hormone - Leptin.
Leptin controls 100% of your body's ability to burn fat.

High levels of Leptin speed up your metabolism and signal your body to burn fat and low levels of Leptin slow down your metabolism and signal your body to store fat. The Venus Factor nutrition plan works around creating a new, fat burning metabolism for your body. Venus Factor meal plans keep women's Leptin sky-high and enable women to burn fat around the clock... even when they are sleeping.

The Venus Factor meal plans manage women's Leptin level while eating the food they want to eat without counting calories.

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