Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fall 2012: What's Trending?

It's Fall 2012 and for me that means it's my SENIOR YEAR! Going to school in Orlando, FL and growing up in South Florida, I've never truly experienced the Fall season with colored leaves and cooler weather.  However, it doesn't mean that us Floridians don't follow Fall fashion trends! The only difference for us is that we combine the Summer and Fall trends to make our outfits accommodate the hot weather.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Most Worn Summer 2012 Tag!

As school is started up again and summer is coming to a close, this tag has been extremely popular in the blogging/YouTube world. After watching Charley's (Athens With Love - definitely check her out, such a sweet and genuine beauty vlogger) video, I decided to forward the tag! This summer for me wasn't the typical, at home in FL going to the beach every day and drinking daquiris by the pool. It was quite the opposite actually, because I was in NYC for a 10-week internship! My typical summer beauty habits focused on moisturizers with SPF, powder foundation and waterproof mascara, quickly changed to working city girl beauty necessities.  

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Beauty Inspiration: Blake Lively

When you think of your favorite celebrity style/beauty guru, who is it? For me it is hands down Blake Lively or Lauren Conrad.  For this post, I'll be focusing on the bronzed, glowing goddess that is Blake Lively! It comes as no surprise that I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan, but I also have done a little research on her red carpet looks and watched various YouTube tutorials modeled after Blake. 

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

miss lolly to

you will need....large wooden lolly sticks
pens,washi tapes, buttons, trims

....draw on your fabulous hairdo using the pens...
add features....

wrap washi tape around the stick to look like clothes and draw on collars, buttons etc...

draw on legs and shoes (and then wish you had a dress and tights just like them)

keep going and make lots more...they are addictive..and this craft is not just for girls, while I sat happily making these yesterday... my table was invaded by boys who then interpreted their own versions into marvel superguys ...they were quickly whisked off to adorn their bedroom walls, which is why there are no pics of green goblin versions :)

my lolly dollys are off on their jollys....

lucky girls......

I on the other hand am attempting to list a few things on etsy this week and have been busy with the scissors and the vintage wallpapers again.....

hope your summer is going well...I'll leave you with a little sneaky peek of a recent purchase :)

x x x x x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

lazy days...

as the holidays charge along full steam many, we have unplugged and kept away from screens as much as possible...

day trips to the coast...

packing up picnics...

relaxing on the sofa with a fave mag or watching the athletics...

enjoying the sunshine...

I love how these boys embrace the florals  

a bit of this

a bit of that...

 new products :)

I'm loving the pace...slow...and easy...

I'm unplugging again for a while but will be back soon :)

x x x x x x x 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

End of Summer Sephora Haul

Being that this is my last week in NYC, I decided to go on a bit of a Sephora shopping spree after resisting the temptation every day in passing it on my walk to my internship. The products that I bought are products I have been eyeing all summer long and are loved by many of the beauty bloggers I follow.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

a little blog award 7's post

thank you once again lovely Ada for the blog award....

so here are....

7 things about teawagontales... I have done things I'm hoping to do this summer...


read some books.. ( kids books are my favourites )


get back to basics...( I love computer graphics but I treated myself to some pastels and am having a go at drawing again )


catch a train...( hopefully in a cute station like this one )


listen to some tunes....( not i-tunes... lovely old vinyls on our record player, I can't wait to dig out some old favourites )


crochet....( never has a school holiday gone by that I haven't picked up the hook and some yarn and got to work on yet another blanket )


picnics :) ....( weather dependant of course although I am partial to wet, thundery picnics too and with our little dog Arnie in tow they are always 'interesting' )


paint... ( even though my plan was to paint the house from top to bottom...this option seems a bit more realistic.. )

8..I know I can't count :)
making... ( just for the sake of it...patchy things,toys,garlands,cushions,paper mache..anything we fancy ..yay!the best sort of making )

so maybe after the summer I will re look at this post to see if we did any of the above :)

I hope so x

here are some links to some lovely blogs I have recently discovered...

  x x x x