Thursday, 5 May 2011

This week I have been mostly.......blowing up balloons..

I managed to keep the flags flying for another few days due to a birthday.... our #1 was 10 on Tuesday, I can't believe it and I think he was rather embarrassed by all the fuss I was making...10!!!...double figures..nearly a teenager..and so on... goodness knows what I'll be like when he turns 18!!
So its been a Lego filled week of presents and cake as with most birthdays these days they are spread out among family, friends and school...

We went to a lego exhibition in the Science Museum on monday, they had made a giant Westminster Abbey complete with bride and groom and guests...

(much panic from me when he asked for his favourite Lego figure in a cake) thank goodness for that funny icing that's like playdoh :)
Another day off school today .. but again the sun is shining and its peaceful here as the boys are at the cinema with their Dad so I'm hoping to catch up on a few things and enjoy the silence.....
Happy Thursday x x x x

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