Tuesday, 28 June 2011

teawagon gets a teawagon.....

I was almost refused a lift home due to the hideousness of my buys at the car boot on Sunday...

I can understand why though as they weren't a pretty sight. I can only imagine what people thought as they saw me staggering back to the car half asleep with a mounted plastic deer head and a fake teak and brass tea trolley!!!!

but I have ALWAYS wanted a tea trolley and then I saw the blue one in this months Mollie Makes and I was on a mission :)......so after a lick of paint, some vintage decals and some oilcloth here she is..... and in true blog fashion we decided to give her a name

as much as I would love to use her as a teawagon and wheel her around the house loaded with tea and cakes..Dolly is a working girl and will be a mobile craft/work trolley......
.....as for the deer well she's not ready to face her public yet,I think she has been giving #2 nightmares!!!!

x x x x x x x x x xx

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