Monday, 8 August 2011

four walls and a roof.......

.....despite sticking a pencil behind my ear and using the word 'purlins' a lot the shed was never going to happen with just me and Mr H on the we call in the professionals and its up in a day :)

so I have started squirreling things away for my little creative cabin..deerdre of course will be moving in with me, along with little boxes, clocks, toadstools and tins.....

so as the builder is telling me to insulate the walls and roof.... all I can think is where the little shelf will go...... what colour curtains.... rug...... cushion for my chair.... he left saying I should look at prices for insulation boards and a good floor so of course what is the first thing I do......

 raid my fabric pile and make a patchwork curtain for the door.......for insulation ..of course :)

hope you are having a good Monday and a happy summer
x x x x x x x x x

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