Friday, 11 November 2011

deer derek.........

derek overseeing a photo shoot day when out shopping for crafting supplies ( trying to be very organised and starting to make christmas gifts ) derek appeared and found his way into my basket, I honestly am not sure how it minute I was talking to the assistant , she disappeared stating there was one hidden away in the store minute my purse is considerably lighter (£££) 
and he is sitting on the car seat next to me :)

obviously before even taking off my coat...the p.v.a was mixed and the papers were out (derek was a brown paper model before I got my hands on him )
As usual I didn't first he was much paler with more retro not quite right.....then he became this combination... 

I spy deerdre in the mirror eyeing up the new boy :)
he is great I love him, he reminds me of the Moose head from the Banana Splits....

but the colours aren't working, I am thinking of spraying him gold or just painting him white...or should he be left as he is ....he might grow on me ????

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