Tuesday, 24 July 2012

the winner.......

a little pile of granny blankets :)

time is flying by again...the sun is out...
I have now realised I have no summer clothes and the shops don't have anything I like....I have decided to hide in my shed in a kaftan until the rain comes back...
but more importantly there is a winner of the giveaway post 
Mr h picked a number and that comment was the winner........

please get in touch so I can send your little teawagon package :)

other news...teawagontales has been nominated for a very lovely blog award by lovely..shiny new blogger

I am very honoured and will try to think of 7 things to divulge...although I better be careful... the last time I did this my slightly odd sense of humour was misinterpreted and I got a right old nasty comment...imagine that ;-)

I'll be back later this week with another tutorial...and I'm having a little 15% off sale in the shop to make way for new items coming up after the summer :)

happy tuesday evening

x x x x x 

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