Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I'm back!

After a BUSY semester at school to kick off my senior year, I'm finally on my winter break with time that I've been able to dedicate to revamping the design of my blog.  I changed the color scheme and created a logo of my own on Adobe InDesign, which I learned in my PR publications course this fall.

While it's hard to know what spring semester will bring, my class schedule allows me some extra time to get my blog back up-and-running. I will be planning out my posts in advance and publish 2-3x/week to start out. I'll be focusing on beauty, while also having occasional fashion-related posts (hauls, sales, coupon codes, etc), travel, health/food and intern advice posts --- the areas I would consider myself to be pretty savvy in! ;)

I am very open-minded to the direction of this blog, but without my readers, it will not become anything at all! Please feel free to ask questions, give your suggestions/opinions and request posts.

Wish me luck! xx

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