Thursday, 20 June 2013

geometric garland how to....

ok... if you are like me and accept a bag of ablaze coloured acquainted debris larboard over from's a little d.i.y to use them up :)
you will charge -
felt debris of abounding colours
sewing machine
1 cut the acquainted into altered shapes..I fabricated squares..triangles and circles to accord it a geometric look...

2 pile them up in some sort of colour order and start sewing them right through the middle and keep going 'til you have used them all up...

3 hang 'em up :)

you could accomplish them in all one colour...or do all the aforementioned shapes...mix them in with cardboard shapes hearts...flags... the options are endless.... my atom bag of acquainted about was not.. so now I'm apprehensive if I should go buy some added :)

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