Friday, 19 July 2013

Four shopping cart usability issues

The process that leads to an online transaction is probably the most important to the success of a shopping cart. If the buying process causes frustration, confusion or insecurity, users may be to leave the shopping cart, never to return.

A shopping cart utility refers to the efficiency that users can achieve their objectives on a Web site. Many of the shopping cart largest online, such as and, constantly strive to make the process of purchase of the so eloquently as possible and efforts. Do you know if you can buy a book or movie only 3 or 4 clicks we encourage you to return to the same site, reliable.

After reading a lot of articles and white papers dedicated to best practices of shopping cart design and usability; below I have highlighted five potential design problems in carts that are sure many users have experienced.

1. Cart that ask users to register before you find out if the product is available or not.

It can be very annoying for the user if it's been 10 minutes entering in your credit card, address, telephone number etc. to find out during the process of purchase for products that want to buy out of stock.

Many trolley allows to present users with the stock availability which lived until the user puts their product in the shopping cart.

2 Recommend users to buy similar products before adding the main product to your shopping cart.

This is useful when a web site we recommend additional products which want or need their main products after you add to your shopping cart.

Do believe, however, that you be agree that could be confusing if these additional products are offered to you before you even add products to your shopping cart? Press "Add to Cart" and suddenly offer a battery, or the Sun or travel case. Many users will be left feeling confused, wondering if their products added or not, or if you had pressed the wrong button.

The best practice guidelines will indicate additional products offers the user once the user has finished shopping and they are entering the payment process.

3. Truck that ask users to register before they have even added a product to your shopping cart.

Requesting personal information from users before they even added a product to your shopping cart is not a good move.

Customer record can offer some important advantages for you as a merchant including recovery of abandoned carts, loyalty of customers and email contacts. However, many users may be browsing a site, add products to cart loads to the main purpose to compare prices and features of shopping. If users have to register personal data before using a shopping cart, a large percentage is likely to leave the Web site.

4 Require the user to delete and add products to the shopping cart for that can change the color, size, or variations.

Edit your shopping cart should be as simple as possible and do not require that the user remove something of a shopping cart.

If the product comes in different sizes and different colors will not make them removed from your shopping cart if you want it in different variations. Users should be able to choose in your choice of different cars.

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