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Secret Shopping and confidentiality

Secret Shopping and confidentiality
This is called "secret" of shopping for a reason. This is important not only to maintain confidentiality during the mystery of a shop, but before and after the store also. Confidentiality requirements require that buyers also keep secrets and commercial enterprises of mystery and customers for the exchange of information. This seems obvious, but many buyers seem to have difficulties to understand the need for confidentiality.

I am always surprised when buyers openly reveals the name of the client, the share who receive, store the requirements and other information. Listening to this mystery shopper in shopper meet-ups, and I read the inappropriate comments in blogs and public forums. What part of the 'secret' that buyers do not understand?

Almost every mystery shopping company includes a confidentiality clause in the agreement of independent contractor (ICA) completed during the application process. Activities prohibited typically include:

Share information about secret operations and expenditures of corporate clients.
Discuss compensation and other details of the task purchase with a third party.
Contact the customer directly, without the special permission of the mystery shopping company.
Participation report is blank or save completed forms, guides, and other materials with others.

This means that you may not be speaking:

Do the duty shops that payment.
Mystery shopping companies store specific client.
Requirements of certain stores (for example, the requirements of procurement, standards of service, etc.)
A mystery shopping customers that companies (such as stores, restaurants, banks, and others).

A good rule is to never say anything about a secret commercial client to anyone, who is not a trade secret company. An exception to this is when necessary or permitted someone accompanying him in a store, such as a convenience store. In this case, you should tell your friends what you need to know to help you with your store (or at least you shouldn't mess with it), but also need to emphasize the importance of confidentiality to them. Tell them that you should not discuss any aspect of the shop mystery with others. In fact, you should not be talking about mystery shopping altogether.

Do not do a post in public forums on the client or the store. Although you can comment about the purchases of the company (i.e. "Mystery Shopping providers is a great company to work, although I wish that they would pay more fast.") is not to talk about the trade secret business or disclose information about their operations that you have acquired while working for them.

When asked on an application for companies who have worked, it is acceptable for their names. Do not name your customers shopping for them.

Provide confidential information to your best friend to a cafe, or a private mail, is a violation of confidentiality. If you are not sure if it should disclose something, not to mention this.

You can't see the harm in sharing this information, but it can cause damage to providers secret purchases of business and its customers. You can disable as a buyer, if the company finds that you have violated the confidentiality. In extreme cases, it is possible that you could be prosecuted.

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