Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Essie & OPI Nail Polish Collection

Within the past year, I have gotten much more into nail polish than ever before. I end up painting my nails on a weekly basis and have an obsession with trying new colors (and being tempted everywhere when I see Essie and OPI for sale). Here is my current collection...I hope you enjoy! :)

Top Row: Raise Awareness (767-Limited Edition), Splash of Grenadine, Nice is Nice, Play Date, Turquoise & Caicos
Bottom Row: Angora Cardi, Bahama Mama, Sole Mate, Size Matters, E-nuf is E-nuf

Not pictured: Essie's No More Film

Clear Top Coat, Privacy Please, Seniorita Rose-alita, Last Minute Shopper, Diva of Geneva, Cuckoo for this Color

Next on my list to buy:
-Essie Knockout Pout (used to borrow my roommate's all the time! perfect pink)
-Essie Van D'Go (wearing it on acrylics now and obsessed- peachy pink)

What are your favorite Essie and OPI colors I should have in my collection? I love suggestions! :)

xx, Ariana

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