Friday, 3 February 2012

My MAC Palettes

Before I do my Favorites: Eye Makeup post, I wanted to at least knock out my MAC palettes in their own post- there's too many! I took pictures of my palettes and swatched each eyeshadow as best as I could. I recommend going on to Makeup Geek's blog/website in my previous post or to the MAC website if you can't get a true feeling of the color from what I'm providing in this post.

I have two MAC 15-color palettes! They have 2-color, 4-color, and 15-color empty of course I got the 15! It is reasonably priced and 100% worth it for the organization and saving money too (the refill pans are cheaper than the regular eyeshadows). One palette is warm colors (gold, copper, brown, red) and the other is cool colors (white, pink, purple, blue, black). You may organize it absolutely any way you want- that's why it's called a custom palette! I like putting the warms together and the cools together because usually the colors you put near each other in the palette will compliment each other well on the eye too.

Side Note: Both MAC and MUG (Make Up Geek) refill pans fit in this palette!


From left to right, top to bottom....
MAC Retrospeck, MAC Woodwinked, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Bamboo, MUG Purely Naked, MUG Glamorous, MUG Gold Digger, MAC Amber Lights, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Mulch, MUG Cocoa Bear, MAC Twinks, MAC Sketch


Out of all of these, wonder what my favorites are? 

Twinks and All That Glitters were among the first MAC shadows I ever bought. I would say more currently, my favorites are MAC Amber Lights and MUG Gold digger! They are both VERY pigmented, rich and such gorgeous colors. In my "nice-attempt" swatches, the Amber Lights look a little more orange than it really is, just as an FYI. Also, for some reason MUG Glamorous and MAC Amber Lights look very similar, however Glamorous is lighter and less brown-copper. In future posts I'll show the difference in maybe a look on the eyes instead of my hand. Get excited!

Quick summary of each:

MAC Retrospeck- very light and shimmery gold/ivory; can be a great highlight color but you might want a few coats
MAC Woodwinked- dark antique gold, rich, shimmery
MAC All That Glitters- one of best-selling MAC shades; similar to glamorous but a bit more in the bronze arena rather than the orange/copper color range. It's almost identical to the 2nd shade in this LORAC palette.
MAC Bamboo & MUG Purely Naked- almost identical, could be used as concealer color, very natural/skin-toned but is great for the no-makeup makeup look to add a little definition in the crease! Purely Naked has a little shimmer, Bamboo is matte.
MUG Glamorous- a more natural, lighter version of amber lights.
MUG Gold Digger- yellow gold, rich shimmer
MAC Amber Lights- very rich copper, also similar to the 3rd shade in the LORAC palette I linked above. I used to have that palette in high school and loved those colors, so I wanted something similar when I got MAC palettes!
MAC Satin Taupe- one of the best-selling MAC shades; taupe is sort of a light bronze/gray shade.
MAC Mulch- deep bronze without being too dark
MUG Cocoa Bear- orange/light brown, very warm shade. Similar to Amber Lights almost but it's matte.
MAC Twinks- Dark, cool brown with shimmer
MAC Sketch- deep, dark red; dark version of a cranberry shade with hints of purple


From left to right, top to bottom (all MAC except one):
White Frost, Seedy Pearl, Pink Frost, Swish, Creme de Violet, Satellite Dreams, Nocturnelle, MUG Purple Rain, Tilt, Parfait Amour, Contrast, Electra, Knight Divine, Carbon


My favorites: White Frost, Nocturnelle (goes great will copper/browns since it is a warm purple), Purple Rain (better purple to put in crease with other cooler colors on the lid), carbon.
I love a lot of the blues and purples but I don't wear them quite as often. The swatches for white frost and seedy pearl did not come out well- seedy pearl has a very light lilac/lavender undertone and white frost is...white frost! Contrast and Carbon swatches also came out funny too...but you get the gist. Navy shimmer and matte black. Knight Divine is a dark, shimmery charcoal grey (don't know why it looks a little green??). Again, I will try to incorporate these shadows into looks so you can get a better feel for them. In the meantime, definitely look at the MUG website and MAC website too. I don't feel the need for quick descriptions on these as I already just explained a few, and they are different enough and noticeable for the correct shade in the palette/swatches. Feel free to make any requests/questions about any of these MAC shadows and I will gladly explain or give you advice for them!

Keep in mind, this took me a few years to build up to! Don't buy a ton at once, just 2 or 3 and build over time when you find shadows in the store or reviews of shadows you love!
Long post just about 2 MAC palettes! This is why I put it as it's own post...but the Favorite: Eye Makeup will be posted by Sunday! :)

What's your favorite MAC/MUG eye shadow?

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