Friday, 3 February 2012

Sephora VIB Status

I recently, FINALLY, reached the premium level of Sephora Beauty Insiders, V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty Insider). I think it was well-deserved for the amount of money I have spent trying so many products, and always trying to be loyal to Sephora for purchasing makeup. With this award, I received a discount for my next purchase, and immediately put together my order.
On this first purchase of the new year, I got…

1. Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright 
It is a eye pencil in a light pink color that brightens your eyes. I first discovered it while watching the YouTube beauty channel and how she always raved about it. Originally, everyone would always use a white eyeliner pencil along their bottom water line and in the inner corner. White however is very unnatural looking, and I was never much of a fan. When I discovered this one and how perfect of a shade it was, I knew I wanted it! When I was home over winter break, I went to the mall to see if they had it in the Sephora store, but it was out of stock, which later came as no surprise. It was $20 but worth the splurge in my opinion. I’ve been using it everyday since I received my order in the mail last week. I find it's best to put it on the inner tear duct to open the eye, on the bottom water line, and if you want- even as a highlight under the brow. It is a nice, creamy consistency so it glides on easily and has decent staying-power too!

2. Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint - Charmed
This crayon-looking lip product is another product that was all over many YouTube beauty channels and blogs. It has a detailed description and great reviews on the Sephora website. For Christmas, I got my sister about 5 products from Sephora that I thought she would use and love, and this was one of the things I got her. I picked out the shade Enchanted for her skin tone. It was actually a bit more bright pink/fuchsia than rose in my opinion, but such a beautiful and VERY pigmented color…a little goes a long way. For myself, I got the color Charmed, a light, bubble gum pink color that is natural but pigmented enough to go with so many makeup looks. The tinted color actually does last for a while, and it’s also very moisturizing for a lip tint (most are drying). I always feel good about buying Tarte products because they are all natural and much better for you. This product was $24 and I even convinced my mom to buy one!

3. Rosebud Salve in a Tube
One of my favorite products since I was in middle school is the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm that comes in a little tin. I’m not sure if they still do, but I bought mine from Bath & Body Works. First of all, it smells AMAZING. It’s also really moisturizing and lasts for a while. My only complaint about this product is the packaging/the fact it comes in a tin. It’s small and easy to take everywhere, but it’s not as easy to apply. Your options are either to use your finger (REALLY unsanitary) or to move the tin along your lips awkwardly (what I do). My tin is getting lower since I’ve had it for so long, so I don’t pick up much product with my ‘moving-the-tin’ method anymore. Therefore, I bought the Rosebud Salve in a TUBE! Unfortunately, they don’t have the strawberry balm in a tube, but the regular Rosebud is just as good. Very light scent and sheer rose color, so it works with anything. Plus, it was only $6! I use it over my Tarte LipSurgence just so the moisture lasts even longer and repairs any dryness from before. Rosebud products are awesome and really great for not just dry lips, but according to, also calms and heals irritation, soothes the sting of minor burns, helps heal cuts, tames mangled cuticles, helps fix ashy elbows and knees, and minimizes diaper rash for the little ones! If that’s not incredible for $6, then I don’t know what is!

Have you tried any of these products mentioned above?

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